Customer Tips

Genuine Carpet Care

Carpet is a major investment for any residential or commercial property, or industrial project. Regularly scheduled carpet cleanings by Genuine Carpet Care, Inc., will extend your carpet's life and help prevent:

Premature replacement

Having a regularly scheduled carpet cleaning can help:

Promote a consistent appearance
Provide regular spot cleaning
Maintain the color and texture of your carpet
Extend the life of your carpet investment
Ensure a healthy work environment
Reduce wear, especially in high-traffic areas
Use the best practices in carpet care
Project a professional corporate image

Water Damage Tips:
When water damage occurs to your home due to strong storms or structural issues, the professionals at Genuine Carpet Care, Inc., can help. Below are a few tips to keep in mind if water damage does affect your home. To avoid further water damage:

Lift draperies off the carpet.
Remove wet area rugs from rooms.
Try to remove as much excess water as possible. (Use a wet/dry vacuum, or mop the affected area.)
Remove any paintings, photos, or artwork to another dry location.
Make sure that all electrical appliances have been turned off.
Wipe furniture dry and remove all accessories from tabletops.
Open windows or turn on the air conditioner to dry out the floors.
Report any damage to your insurance company.

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